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A daffodil seeks first the proof of its own source. Spend one unit of motion turning against yourself, pharmacy so that your one forked tail…

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Use words like heart when there is no fixed position the self inhabits the body dies daily and the mind rarely lives but the heart…

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Study a topic until you’ve negotiated which authorities you trust whole-heartedly, then allow yourself to intuit their shortcomings. Every owl has a blind spot, or…

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Sorrow is the only word I know for how the heart sinks sadly into it’s furrow. The trench goes on forever, but in only two…

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Editors Stacey Lynn Brown and Oliver de la Paz chose my poem “Nabokov, Naming the Animals” for inclusion in A Face to Meet the Faces: An…

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Follow me at billymerrell.tumblr.com

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This diagram, drawn from observations Gathered over the course of one spring’s circuit, Describes the pattern born To every cell that opens, and to each…

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