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Vanilla, a novel-in-poems, will be published by Scholastic Press later this year! This is my first solo book in well over a decade, and one…

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New edition, treatment new cover, physician new writing! An expanded edition of my Lambda Literary Award-winning anthology The Full Spectrum includes new contributions by young writers, price a new…

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I’m proud my poem “3 1/2 Love Sonnets” was selected as today’s poem in the HIV Here & Now series, a 365-day countdown in poems…

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A kid, I’d scoop at anthills with a jar. I’d watch the chaos through clear glass, screwing the lid of their tomb closed. Hours later,…

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In ancient China, seek poems were like receipts of being: If we were together and encountered a swan, I might write you a poem about…

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If you are LGBTQI+, salve under 21, and have a personal story or poem to share about queer experience, submit by 8/1 to the new…

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Of course, it gets easier. But there is still that occasional panic. Hungry, or even starved for history, that sense of belonging, you do a…

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