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A kid, I’d scoop at anthills with a jar. I’d watch the chaos through clear glass, screwing the lid of their tomb closed. Hours later,…

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In ancient China, seek poems were like receipts of being: If we were together and encountered a swan, I might write you a poem about…

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Of course, it gets easier. But there is still that occasional panic. Hungry, or even starved for history, that sense of belonging, you do a…

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All he drinks are suicides, schizophrenic elixirs that let him pump his cup, trigger after trigger, down the length of the soda fountain. Our friend…

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Doors that hang on one hot hinge, and yet they keep from slamming. Doors that open in more than two directions, and are made of…

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Start close. Look right at it. Close your eyes and see it, whatever it is. Under all that, even, there is another sky. Another dimension,…

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Manhattan If you wake into a smallish room, Don’t long for centuries of peace. Instead, let the pigeon, his sleepy steel sheen As he lifts…

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