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Editors Stacey Lynn Brown and Oliver de la Paz chose my poem “Nabokov, Naming the Animals” for inclusion in A Face to Meet the Faces: An…

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This diagram, drawn from observations Gathered over the course of one spring’s circuit, Describes the pattern born To every cell that opens, and to each…

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It isn’t luck              but isn’t work how the elephant ear              forfeits its shape shoving itself              —tight tendril shell— up through the thickening              feet at his shoulders. The tip persists.              A packed bundle conceals his inverted heart.              That spring leaf coils out                            until the conch flairs a dark lip              and the first matte cells begin to serve              their purpose— Terrible a thing              as happiness can be if its held              any place but the handle, these leaves              reach out almost over night              to thrust their nearly purple greens              against us.